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Reinventing the wheel: Distributed Ledger Technology as Enabler for Autonomous Vehicles

Next to the current transition from combustion engines to electric ones, computational advances might make fully autonomous vehicles a reality as early as 2020. Irregardless of such possibly overly enthusiastic expectations, vehicle manufacturers are going to face dramatic economic and technological changes in any case. Distributed Ledgers solve many of their challenges, as explained in this article.
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IOTA in the mobility sector: a complete rundown

IOTA received more interest, established more partnerships and jointly works with more entities from the mobility sector than any other cryptocurrency. This is a full account all ties of the IOTA Foundation to the automotive and mobility industry.
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“Mass adoption” in the punch card era of cryptocurrencies

Many cryptocurrency "investors" await "mass adoption" in expectation of their investment rising in value. Any minor advancement, or "partnership" of cryptocurrency projects is henceforth completely blown out of proportion and interpreted as evidence of the beginning of "mass adoption". This article sheds some light onto the status quo of cryptocurrencies and explains why "mass adoption" can't happen (yet). Is also provides some metrics and draws comparisons as to why cryptocurrencies requiring fees to issue transactions most likely will not succeed.
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The perfect brainstorm: Smart city infrastructure monitoring

The IOTA Foundation held a contest called "The perfect brainstorm" and called for real life ideas for the IOTA Tangle. The core of this idea is to use the billions of smartphones sensors through an app to gather data about road conditions, which then can be used by municipalities to determine where road maintenance is due or will be due, to save cost and increase infrastructure quality.
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36 minutes in the life of a future autonomous electric vehicle

This is a short story illustrating a possible, not-too-distant future combining several potential use cases enabled through a fee-less machine-to-machine micropayment architecture. The story depicts a scenario of an autonomous agent, an electric vehicle, creating value for its owner. It illustrates several use cases, including one-time payments, data and payment streams, Masked Authenticated Messaging (MAM), Flash Channels, mesh networks, TangleID, Oracles, outsourced computations and predictive AIs going hand in hand.
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